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Mid West Rugby
  Referee Society

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Welcome ot the Mid West Rugby Referee Society

The Mid West Rugby Referee Society (MWRRS) is a sub group of the Mid West Territorial Union concerned with the development and assignment of match officials at the territorial level. In addition, MWRRS works with its member Local Referee Organizations (LRO) on developing match officials at the local level and with |USA Rugby for development at the national and international levels.

The MWRRS has nine member LROs, corresponding to the nine Local Area Unions (LAUs) that make up the Mid West Territorial Union.
The member LROs are : If you are interested in refereeing then start by contacting your LRO by clicking on the links above.

Mission Statement of the Midwest Rugby Referees Society

The mission of the Midwest Rugby Referee Society is to provide assistance and support to its member referee societies through training, education, development and identification of talented rugby referees in order that rugby teams playing in the Midwest Rugby Territory will have the benefit of referees skilled at or above the pertinent level of competition. The Society will further identify, train, educate and develop those referees exhibiting exceptional ability with the intent of offering to USA Rugby a continual supply of referees able to referee national level matches.

''A Rugby Referee Society in the Midwest Rugby Territory is defined as a group of World Rugby Certified referees supporting a geographically defined group of rugby teams. To be considered a society, the group must have a suitable organizational structure and personnel to organize, recruit, train, retain and develop their membership to skill levels equal to or greater than the skill levels of the teams it supports. By working collaboratively with the Midwest Rugby Referee Society it will also facilitate a pathway for further development of talented individuals who have potential to referee higher level matches. It is also expected that each Society will have enough referees to support the needs of the teams in its area. Should it find it does not, or that it has excess enough to support other geographic areas, such out of Society support will be coordinated through the Midwest Rugby Referees Society. Each society in the Midwest Rugby Territory will continually abide by the current provisions, requirements, restrictions and standards as set forth and adopted by the Midwest Rugby Referee Society, including, but not limited to, any and all certification and training requirements endorsed by USA Rugby and/or World Rugby, as amended.'' {TAG}