Winter 2019 MWRRS Annual General Meeting

On February 16, 2019, about 65 Midwest referees attended the annual workshop and clinic combined with our AGM & elections hosted by the Ohio Society in Cleveland. Four senior referees offered timely presentations and insights on various aspects of the game:

Bryan Harshbarger’s (Indiana LRO and Midwest territorial panel referee) presentation focused on managing the scrum.

Josh Houston (CARFU LRO and national panel referee) offered insight into refereeing Under Pressure.

Chris O’Malley (Minnesota LRO and Midwest territorial panel referee) addressed Communication – World to Local where he engaged the attendees using videos of referrees at various levels showing different communication styles and results.

Enrique Vasquez (Minnesota LRO and Midwest territorial panel referee) provided an analytical presentation related to The break down – coach & referee’s perspective.

Following the presentations, the presenters joined a panel where the presenters and referees in attendance had a lively law discussion.

Following the workshop and clinic, the MWRRS officers and LRO representatives held the AGM and discussed the MWRRS finances, appointment and grading of Midwest referees and other MWRRS business.

A good time was had by all who met for dinner and cocktails that evening at Fat Head’s Brewery.

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