Discipline Reporting Guidelines

Whenever a referee awards a yellow or red card during a game that is played within the Midwest, a discipline report form must be completed as soon as practical after the match but in no instance later than 48 hours after completion of the match. If an assistant referee makes the report to the referee that leads to a yellow or red card, the AR must also submit a disciplinary report. If the match is played under the jurisdiction of USARFU or the Midwest and there is a citing officer or disciplinary committee member present at the match reviewing disciplinary decisions, a discipline report should be made following the match to the citing offer or disciplinary committee member. In that instance, a referee or AR does not have to complete another disciplinary report to the Midwest unless the citing officer or disciplinary committee member directs the referee or AR to submit the report in that manner. Early reporting is essential to allow the disciplinary committee to review the report and a player or team to appeal the discipline. If your LRO provides for disciplinary reporting that is submitted to the Midwest Disciplinary Committee, that report meets this requirement. If your LRO does not provide for discipline reports that are submitted to the Midwest, the referee or AR must submit the report using the below form.

Discipline Report Form

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