If none of the below questions answers your specific issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can my team contact you for a referee?

The MWRRS provides referees for the Midwest Territory and leagues within the territory.  As such, we don’t specifically provide referees at the behest of an individual team.  The responsibility of individual, non-league fixtures would fall to the Local Referee Organization (LRO), links to which are at the About Us page of this site.  If the LRO needs help providing appropriate grade match officials for that game, they’ll reach out to the MWRRS for help but that is the normal protocol.

What do you charge for referees?

The Midwest RRS has no paid staff and collects money simply for redistribution to referees.  Leagues are generally provided a bid price for services which covers the referee’s expenses.  

How do I become a Midwest Referee?

If you referee for one of our member LRO’s, you already are!  Membership in our society is part of being a member of good standing in your local society.  Unlike your local society, we don’t have monthly meetings for all referees to attend; considering the geography we encompass, that would be truly difficult to accomplish.  We do have an annual workshop and clinic combined with our AGM & elections.  That is open to all Midwest Referees.  Information on that and other Midwest RRS activities is always available through your LRO.